dental crown

Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns or caps are they are sometimes called are fitted over the top of a damaged or broken tooth to protect it from further damage or improve the aesthetics of a smile. A crown is typically made from porcelain by our master technicians and they look just like natural teeth. Crowns can also be made from metal, gold or even porcelain fused to metal. The choice of material for a crown is often based on budget, the strength required and position in the mouth.

Crowns can hold cracked teeth together and support bridges, and they are often fitted over teeth that have had a root canal or dental implant treatment. They can also cover discoloured, and worn teeth to improve the cosmetic appearance of your teeth.

Crowns typically last between 5-20 years depending on how you look after them. You should look after your crowns just like natural teeth by keeping them clean (brushing and flossing), seeing a hygienist and having regular checkups with your dentist.

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