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MK Smiles Referral Center

At Mk Smiles we have an experienced team of Dental Specialists and Dentists with Special interest who can help treat your patients with full confidence.

If you are a dentist and would like to refer a patient for a 2nd Opinion or treatment we are accepting referrals for:

  • Orthodontal treatment for 16 + years for fixed and removable.
  • Dental Implants – For Simple, Complex Implant cases, Bone Grafting, Sinus lifts and all on 4’s.
  • IV Sedation
  • Endodontic treatment – Simple, Complex, Post Placement and Retreatments.

In addition at Mk Smiles we use the very latest and safest X-ray equipment to ensure the lowest radiation exposure whilst providing the best quality image to provide you with the dental treatment outcome. We have the latest X- Mind Prime 3D unit which is used by our dentist and dentist from other nearby practices.

  • We offer the full range of X-Rays including:
    Bite-Wing Xrays (intra oral and extra oral for patients who may gag)
  • Peri-apical Xrays
  • Panoral Xrays
  • CT Scans

These images are requested by a dentist in cases involving implant work, orthodontic work and even to aid root canal therapy.

Safety is our priority. We choose the X Mind prime 3D machine as it uses lower radiation than other machines while producing high-quality images. We adhere to the ‘As low as Reasonably Achievable Principle’ to ensure your total safety!

We have trained and approved team members to take a wide range of images that are processed in a safe and secure manner ensuring your data is protected.

Our aim at MK Smiles is to see the patient to carry out treatment for which your patients have been referred for only and returned back the referring dentist as soon as possible.

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