MK Smiles CBCT Scan and OPG Referral Centre

At Mk Smiles we use the very latest and safest X-ray equipment to ensure the lowest radiation exposure whilst providing the best quality image to provide you with the dental treatment outcome.
We have the latest X- Mind Prime 3D unit which is used by our dentist and dentist from other nearby practices.
We offer the full range of X-Rays including:
* Bite-Wing Xrays
* Peri-apical Xrays
* Panoral Xrays
* CT Scans

These images are requested by your dentist in cases involving implant work, orthodontic work and even to aid root canal therapy.

Safety is our priority. We choose the X Mind prime 3D machine as it uses lower radiation than other machines while producing high-quality images. We adhere to the ‘As low as Reasonably Achievable Principle’ to ensure your total safety!

We have trained and approved team members to take a wide range of images that are processed in a safe and secure manner ensuring your data is protected.

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